Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

***Let me preface this by saying that I feel it is bad form to throw any blunt object (water bottle, beer can, rock, produce, chairs, etc...) at a performer. Not only is it disrespectful and dangerous, it's also a fast track to going home with some fresh bruises and a bloodied nose. With that said, it is completely acceptable (and really, almost mandatory) to throw any combination of bras, phone numbers, and stuffed animals adorned with bras and phone numbers on stage.***

Performers live a somewhat glamorous life. Free food, parties, adoring fans, sexy stalkers. But sometimes there are hazards involved. Here are a few of my favorite "objects thrown on stage at performers by fans who don't realize that a bottle full of water traveling at 20-40 mph could actually hurt said performer, and may also cause bodily harm to said thrower(s) by fans who don't like to see their favorite said performer pelted by water bottles" videos, in no particular order (except for the first one....it's running on a constant loop as my background)

Justin Bieber:
This really shouldn't be funny, but I can't stop laughing at it. The great thing is it happens right when he's telling the crowd how much he loves them. Plus, I'm pretty sure his helmet hair took most of the blow. And how accurate was that throw...?

Rocks are always a no no when at a concert....and yes, even if they are directed at Chad Kroeger....

Tegan and Sara:
Guess what? You don't have to be male to have bras thrown at you. Rookie mistake though by throwing the bra back....you're supposed to keep it for your bra wall....which every rocker should have....

Angus Young:
What I like about this one: Angus gets hit and dowsed in beer, does some menacing gestures, pulls the beer throwers nose, has him escorted out, and continues with the show....

Keith Richards:
Here is a good lesson on why you shouldn't even throw yourself on stage...or you may be the recipient of a good, ol' fashioned guitar ax swing. (Balloons are okay to throw on stage...unless of course they're filled with water or hydrochloric acid.)

Green Day:
Mud being thrown is ONLY acceptable if you also happen to be wrestling in it.

Never gets old....

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  1. the justin one has been removed, but i loved them ... great blog!